exclusive wine tasting

Ilse Killmeyer, who holds a diploma in wines and spirits, and Werner Killmeyer invite groups of wine lovers to an exclusive wine tasting session.

The wine tasting session starts every Saturday at 3 p.m. and lasts about 5 hours.

Learn interesting facts about wine tasting, from wine theory to practical tasting skills, including information on:

  • The history of wine
  • The importance of drinking from glasses of different shapes
  • Viticulture and oenology from the wine growers perspective
  • An introduction to wine tasting
  • Comparative tasting and how to assess the quality of wine
  • The positive health aspects of drinking wine regularly, in moderate quantities

During the session, you will be able to taste 15 of the best wines from our winery, using five different glasses for comparative tasting. The session includes a small buffet.

For those with a passion for literature, there will also be an opportunity to enjoy excerpts of classical poems, anecdotes and jokes about wine by such writers as Goethe, Lessing and Schiller.

If you are interested, please register in advance. Each session costs 20,00 euro per participant.

On Saturday, wine tastings are usually held in German.

Wilhelm Busch

Wer als Wein- und Weiberhasser jedermann im Wege steht, der esse Brot und trinke Wasser bis er daran zugrunde geht.